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About Us

Applied Engineering Services was started in Feburary 1992 to cater to the rising needs of various Industrial, sectors,Ever since, we have been providing comprehensive solutions in India. For more than two decades we have been offering superior products of many leading international Brands for the Industrial, Steel, Power,Mining and Construction companies in the Indian market.

Services throughout the sale process and beyond

We provide services that help the customer understand the product. Our services help in making the customer understand the complete cycle life of the requirement hence enabling him to decide on the right product as the Indian market requires specific designed products that suit the applications, conditions and usage requirements.

Strong Presence and support in the Indian market

We have various offices located in various cities in india along-with strategically located engineers in most of the large cities all across the country. Our support network of engineers are always a call away to help you out with the specific requirement, usage of the product or for solving any other query you may have regarding the product.

Our Approach

Customers are the epicentre of Applied Engineering Service business. Our entire process revolves around our customers and we take pride in providing our customers with complete solutions which allows them to utilize the product in its entirety with ease.

  • It all starts with our thorough research to understand our customers' business process and needs.
  • We conduct extensive research to check the compatibility of the products with Indian market and also its geographical conditions.
  • After that we provide consultation services which gives a 360 degree view of the product. It also helps our customers in the understanding of the unique Indian      market, assist in research and strategic planning, relationship formation, as well as tactical planning and execution for entry into the Indian market place.
  • At Applied Engineering Services we are adept in building value based propositions around our customers’ critical challenges.
  • Our network of highly qualified engineers is always at your beck and call to help you out with your queries related to the products.
  • Applied Engineering Services then works alongside our customers providing them with cutting edge solutions in products and services.

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